Ski Scamps offers two Nanny sessions per day (or a full day if required) which can also, where existing bookings allow, be adapted to your personal family requirements e.g. an earlier start to the morning session or a later finish to the afternoon session.

For example, depending on age and need:

... Your children may be cared for solely in your own resort accommodation whilst you are skiing. I have an exciting and changing selection of toys, games, arts and crafts, and books for all ages, selected to appeal to your children's current favourite interests. This is probably the most comfortable choice for very young babies, with a buggy walk or a cuddle walk to fit in with their milk, sleep and play routines.

... I may accompany you or take your children separately on the gondola (I have my own weekday season pass), and play and care for your children for all or part of the time whilst you ski. There is a warm cafe immediately at the top of the gondola to stop for milk and to feed, and change if necessary, younger children before returning, singing and chatting all the way.

... I may remain in the resort for walks and play in the snow, followed by a warming drink or juice and snack time with your children in a friendly local restaurant, or in your hotel or other accommodation. Children really like choosing their own inexpensive delicious baked banitzas or fresh chocolate croissants from a local, central bakery in the resort. The owners recognise me now and always welcome me and the children very kindly. We have stopped to watch the pastries being made freshly by the baker behind the counter.

I know of soft play, ball pool indoor play areas, glitter picture and clay painting areas, and horse riding (at extra costs to providers), and of all the local free park-type play areas and best places for natural snow slides!

I have a good quality sledge (nicknamed "William" by two little sisters this season!) for toddlers and older children, and a seated, strap-in baby sledge for younger babies so that they can also go for pulled rides close to the snow. I also have a very popular snow ball making machine.

I am also happy to swim with your children if you would like me to take them for a swimming play session. (I no longer have a current qualification, but have worked as a lifeguard in the past). I have armbands for small children and pool toys.

Session 1

08:00 -12:00 For the early-bird skiers who might like to catch the first lifts of the day. I am able to supervise children's breakfasts if required.

Session 2

13:00 - 17:00 For those who prefer afternoon skiing. I am able to supervise a high tea for children if required

Evening babysitting by arrangement 15 leva per hour or part hour per family, and for a minimum of three hours.

I am also available to care for older children with special or additional needs.

The minimum price for each four hour session for one child is 50 leva which is exclusive of any children's drinks or snacks purchased in the resort.

For two children 65 leva, and for three children 80 leva.

A standard full day 08:00 -16:00, 08:30 - 16:30, or 09:00 -17:00 costs 100 leva for one child, 130 leva for two children, and 160 leva for three children.

Please note that I am not a qualified ski instructor and am therefore unable to take your children for ski lessons.

I am however happy to ski with your family group purely as an extra pair of adult hands, and as a rear person to look out for your children's safety.

I am also able to deliver to, and to take over from, lessons from any private ski instructor, or to take and collect from the Borosports kindergarten.

Together with my husband, John, we are delighted to be able to offer a one hour private ski lesson for children from 3 years old from 0900-1000 as part of a Session 1, four hour morning childcare session. The total cost for this morning package is 96 leva. I collect your child from your accommodation or from your ski depot, and remain with them throughout their lesson, providing comfort and reassurance, encouragement, and taking photos and videos to share with parents.

A maximum of three children may be cared for.

Children from separate families will only be cared for together if both families are involved in the same booking e.g. friends or family holidaying together.